Where can I publish my research paper for free of cost?

These are some of the most reputed and leading academic and professional publishers around the globe for a number of subjects.

you need to have a look into these websites and search for suitable journals from their home page. There will be large number of journals published by them. You should find out the suitable journal by providing the major keyword of our research work in the search bar provided in their home page.

Once you come up with a journal, go to that particular journal and check whether it is ‘Open access.’ If so, mostly they will ask for a ‘processing fee’. Some journals are Mixed type (Hybrid Journals). They publish articles for free cost and a for a cost!

So, go through the selected journal thoroughly and then proceed further.

Once we fixed the journal, go through their individual websites and find out the guidelines for authors.

Format the research paper according to their guidelines (like line spacing, font size, style, figure saving format (.tiff, .jpeg,.eps,..), reference style,etc.)

After finishing your manuscript, upload your paper through that ‘journal’s online submission system.’

All these publishers are accepting research papers through a successful peer review process. It may take a minimum 4–6 months (depends on the content of your work and Luck!).

Hope this will helps you…

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