Top Frequently Asked Questions

01. Is International Journal of Research Publication and Reviews (JOIREM) a peer reviewed journal?

Answer: Yes, International Journal of Research Publication and Reviews (JOIREM) is an international, peer reviewed, open access, high impact online journal. Every Manuscript submitted to JOIREM will be subjected to peer review process. JOIREM is the Journal for science. JOIREM accept research articles, review articles, mini review article etc.

02. How can I publish my paper in Journal?

Answer: You can submit the paper to Journal using our online systems. You can access the submission system via the “submit paper” link on the JOIREM journal (https://joirem.com/jr-online-article-submission/).

03. Do you have to pay to publish a paper?

Answer: JOIREM is open access International Journal. In the open access model of publication, journals charge a nominal fee to the author to cover the costs of publishing. These fees are commonly referred to as “article processing charges” (APCs). These fees include Editing and layout Fee, Editorial Fee/Review Fee, Indexing, maintenance of link resolvers and Journal infrastructures.

04. How much does it cost to publish a paper in Journal? How much does a publication cost?
How much it cost to publish a paper in JOIREM?

Answer: Cost of publication per paper is 599 Rs for Indian Author and 8.5 US$ dollar for International Author.

05. Does open access mean free?
Answer: Open access refers to freely available, digital, online information such as journal articles and books. User can access these articles/materials online without paying any charges.

06. What is Open Access publication fee?
Answer: Open access publication fee also known as an article processing charge (APC), is a fee which is charged to authors to make a work available open access in open access Journal.

07. How to pay paper publication fees?
Answer: The publication fee is paid by credit card, debit card, net banking , Paypal, Paytm, PhonePe, G-pay, any other payment wallet. Author can also deposit directly in bank account (for account details contact us).

08. How long does it take for a paper to be published?
Answer: We use a wide range of sources to identify potential reviewers to complete the Peer review process in very short duration of time. Once the paper is reviewed and accepted the paper is published within 24 hrs. JOIREM is the fast journal publication. JOIREM is fast journal for publication.

09. Can I publish a paper without a PhD or PG degree?
Answer: Yes, it’s possible to get a paper published without having a PhD or PG degree. For PhD Students it is compulsory. Students in there graduate study can also publish a paper.

10. What are the benefits of publishing a paper at undergraduate level?
Answer: Benefits Includes –

11. Students able to improve writing and research skills
Student’s academic career may highlight future opportunities in the field.
Students are able to understand the scholarly article publication process.
Students get connections with researchers and professors, which help in providing new opportunities for collaboration and future study.

12. Can I publish a conference paper in a journal?
Answer: You can publish previously published conference paper in a journal but it is acceptable practice, provided you clearly disclose the submitted manuscript is full-length articles and it includes at least 30% new material compared to conference papers. JOIREM is best journal for publishing research paper.

13. What are the advantages of publishing a research paper?
Answer: Apart from PhD, nowadays most graduate and undergraduate institute requires the research paper for completing the graduate and undergraduate degree. It helps in improving the writing skills of students. A research paper may be related to the project work of the student. International recognition of project work could be achieved by publishing a paper.

14. How much is the Paper Publication charges in JOIREM Journal.
Answer: Paper Publication charges lower than 500 , Paper Publication charges lower than 1000

15. Is JOIREM is scientific Journal?
Answer: JOIREM publish research paper in science, it is International journal for science. You can find science journal articles in this journal. It is international journal for scientific research. ( International journal for science and research ).

16. How much is the Paper Publication fees in JOIREM Journal.
Answer: Paper Publication fees below 500 Rs, Paper Publication fees below 1000 Rs.

17. What is an engineering journals?

Answer: Engineering journals published the articles that are more related to technology to solve the challenges in our real life conditions, by including different Engineering fields like Mechanical Engineering, Material Sciences, Civil Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer science & Engineering. JOIREM is engineering journals that accepted the articles from different engineering fields. JOIREM is the Journal for Engineering Science and technology student, it is scientific journal.

18. How much is the Paper Publication cost in JOIREM Journal

Answer:International journal Publication fee under 500 Rs, Paper Publication fee under 1000 Rs .

19. What are the areas covered by JOIREM.

Answer: JOIREM is the international journal of engineering and technology, international journal for research, engineering research journal, academic journal, journals of science and technology, engineering science journal, research review journal, international engineering journal, international journal for sciences and technology, international journals of computer science, Journal of Mechanical Engineering.

20. Can I publish my research paper in journals free of cost? Where can I publish for free? Is it free to publish in JOIREM?

Answer: JOIREM is the open access journal. The articles in JOIREM can be access freely without paying any charges. We charge nominal amount of publication fees to author to cover the cost of paper editing, indexing, maintenance of link resolvers and Journal infrastructures. There are no submission charges to Journal; the author can submit the paper free of cost.