How do I get a research paper published?

You can publish your research paper basically in two ways –

  1. Journal
  2. Conferences

First let’s talk about journals –

  1. It depends upon your area of study choose a journal of your topic specific , you can choose your journals from leading academic publishers like Elsevier, springer, Taylor and Francis, UGC care list e.t.c.

2. Visit the official website and enter your research topic in search area you will find list of journals .

3. Prepare the manuscript (article) in the format of target journal.

4. Send your article to the editor of the journal or upload your article to the publisher.

5. You will get acceptance or rejection notification within few weeks.

6. If selected they may ask you for minor modifications to your article ,some journals will charge you fees and some are free of cost.

7.After successful completion of all steps your article will be published.

I am giving you the link of some renowned academic publishers –

Elsevier | An Information Analytics Company | Empowering Knowledge

Springer – International Publisher Science, Technology, Medicine

Welcome to UGC, New Delhi, India

Journals – Taylor & Francis Group

Now let’s talk about conferences –

Conferences are basically of two types national conference and international conferences, in conferences you have to give an oral or poster presentation of your work , researchers from various research institute and industry will see your work and interested people will ask you some questions regarding your research and presentation.

Publication Steps are almost similar like journals, you have to find out conferences of your area specific you may Google it but I will prefer you to go for conferences which are organised by renowed organization and institute like if you are an engineering student go for conferences organised by IITs ,CSIR, Institution of engineers, NITs, leading research organization of world like ASCE e.t.c.

If you are new to research and your research work is odinary I will suggest you to go for national conference and if you think you have found something good or groundbreaking go for high quality journal indexed in globally recognized databases like web of science and scopus.

Good luck 👍

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