How do I get a research paper published in India?

Research paper are published by many organization , For Circuit students one of publication is IEEE. The procedures of publications changes accordingly to their SOP , let see the IEEE process for conference paper publication.
1. Area of work should match with publication interests, firstly make ready of our work.
2. Search for conference. cleary you have to know your research area. See call papers if your releated area is then send them your paper . And edit your paper accordingly their prescribed format using word or latex.
3. They review paper and asks for chnages.
4. Plagiarism check should be less , then only it will considered. Considerable upto 25percent
5. If your paper maintained the standard and reviewer accepts your paper then only they ask you camera ready paper and registration (max they accept) . At the time of registration you need to pay money.
6. After registration they call for presentation on specific date and time

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