,IOT Based Implementation of Disaster Monitoring at Public Places and Industrial Area Through smart pole

Publication Date : 21/05/2022

Author(s) :

Thakare Sachin, Patil Darshan, Lole Aishwarya, Shirsath Rutuja .

Volume/Issue :
Volume 10
Issue 4
(05 - 2022)

Abstract :

Main aim of this system is to provide energy efficient system which provides continuous monitoring of environmental parameters like air quality, earthquake and floods. So that people & higher government authorities will get to know about the accidents quickly. To make the system energy efficient, lights from the pole will be turn on & off depending on external light environment. This project will be implemented on existing roadside streetlamps & helpful for generating immediate alert in extreme situations to avoid casualties. 24*7 monitoring of environmental parameters form anywhere. It will be helpful for speed up the rescue operations in flood & earthquake. To avoid the use of external energy, system included with rotating solar panel. All these features make the old streetlight poles SMART. In this proposed system, Air quality sensor is used to monitor hazardous gases & smoke detection. This will trigger an alarm when the air quality goes down beyond a certain level, means when there are sufficient amount of harmful gases are present in the air like CO2, smoke, alcohol, benzene and NH3. A water level sensor for flood detection & vibration sensor for earthquake detection are used. System will display readings from sensors on webpage through internet. So that government officials will be alert at that exact movement. An alarm will be on, when danger situations are detected, so that people will get start to reach safer places. Street lights on pole will be turn on & off automatically, depending on external light environment. This system is be powered through sun tracking solar panel & will be the efficient and lifetime source of energy for the system.

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