Paper Publications

Paper Publications is one of the leading Indian organizations for publication of research papers. It is confluence of well renowned scientists, emeritus professors, research professors, academicians, and industry consultants for widest dissemination of knowledge throughout the globe. Our activities are international publication of articles, organizing international and national level conferences, publishing conference papers and supporting research work of individual scholar as well as group of authors. We work with authors to bring up publication of papers characterized by exceptional high quality research. Our top priority is rapid circulation of scientific knowledge and hence all of our international journals are open access.
The members of our Editorial and Advisory Board are well distinguished authors, research professors of top universities, eminent academicians from United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, India, Malaysia, United States of America, Canada, Italy, Greece, Japan, South Korea, and Iran to name a few. Our Editorial Board Members are acclaimed of unravelling huge original contribution of research work and are provided with large research grants from International Organization of high standing. Many of the members of Editorial Board are persistently working in Research and development laboratories for achieving quality and innovation in research.
All international journals of Paper publications opt for double blind peer review process. This procedure of review is adopted particularly for maintaining top quality research publishing in all Journals. In this author and reviewer are unfamiliar to one another hence author is saved from prejudice in review decision. In addition to publishing scientific research paper, review paper, letter to editor and short note; Paper Publication also publishes full or partial thesis, masters and graduate level projects and dissertations.
      By and large our journal deals in topics that are associated with Medical Sciences, Psychology, Veterinary Sciences, Healthcare, Social Sciences, Economics, Sociology, Life sciences, Humanities, Management, Engineering and Technology. We too possess a distinct segment – international journal which handles multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary areas of research. We constantly endeavour to become top notch providers of scientific knowledge. We provide full open access International Journals for spreading quality research, knowledge, and education to humankind. Paper publication gladly welcomes author style of writing manuscript. Complete freedom is rendered to author without imposing any restrictions on article size or number of pages.

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