Publication Date : 13/01/2022

Author(s) :

Dr. M.V.Bhaleraio1, Komal gaykwad2, Amrita rana3 Suvarna kardel4.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 3
Issue 1
(01 - 2022)

Abstract :

The reduction in oxygen levels is being felt all over the world. Oxygen deficiency leads to mental and physical disorders not only in humans but also in sea creatures. Planting trees in urban areas is almost impossible with so many skyscrapers and industries already being there. The artificial solar oxygen tree would compensate for this loss to some extent at least. The artificial solar oxygen tree systems follow the sun throughout the day to maximize energy output. The artificial solar oxygen tree is a proven different-axis auto switching technology that has been custom designed to integrate with solar modules and reduce system costs. The multiple Solar panels generates up to 25% more energy than fixed single axis mounting systems and provides a bankable energy production profile preferred by utilities. Aim: Design & Implementation of "Intelligent Artificial Solar Oxygen Tree Using Embedded Technology

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