Effect of Job Satisfaction on Moonlighting Intentions: Mediating Effect of Organizational Commitment among faculty members

Publication Date : 29/06/2024

Author(s) :

Arijit Goswami, Dr. Bhavna Prajapati.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 10
Issue 6
(06 - 2024)

Abstract :

This study explores the intricate relationship between job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and moonlighting intentions among faculty members within an academic setting. Moonlighting, or engaging in secondary employment, has gained prominence due to its potential impact on an individual's performance, commitment, and overall organizational dynamics. In this context, the study investigates whether organizational commitment plays a mediating role in the association between job satisfaction and moonlighting intentions. The research employs a quantitative approach, utilizing a structured questionnaire to gather data from a sample of faculty members across various academic institutions. Validated scales are used to measure constructs such as job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and moonlighting intentions. A total of 161 faculty members of different universities of Raipur were administered by Partial Least Square Structural Equational Modelling (PLS – SEM) in Smart PLS version 3.3.2.The findings of the study are expected to contribute to the understanding of how job satisfaction influences faculty members' intentions to engage in moonlighting activities. Additionally, the potential mediating effect of organizational commitment will shed light on the underlying mechanisms through which job satisfaction may indirectly impact moonlighting intentions. The implications of this study are two-fold. Firstly, academic institutions and administrators can benefit from insights into the factors that contribute to moonlighting intentions among faculty members. By addressing job satisfaction and fostering higher levels of organizational commitment, institutions may be able to mitigate moonlighting tendencies and enhance faculty engagement. Secondly, the study adds to the existing body of literature on organizational behavior, particularly in the academic context, by uncovering the complex interplay between job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and moonlighting intentions. Key words: Moonlighting intentions, Organisational commitment, job satisfaction

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