Power System Stability Enhancement Using Fact Devices

Publication Date : 21/10/2021

Author(s) :

Vikas singh.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 10
Issue 5
(10 - 2021)

Abstract :

The development of the fashionable grid has crystal rectifier to associate degree increasing quality within the study of power systems, and conjointly presents new challenges to grid stability, and specially, to the aspects of transient stability and small-signal stability. thus grid engineers square measure presently facing challenges to extend the facility transfer capabilities of existing gear. this is often wherever the versatile AC Transmission Systems (FACTS) technology comes into impact with comparatively low investment, compared to new transmission or generation facilities. versatile AC gear (FACTS) devices use power natural philosophy elements to take care of controllability and capability of electric power system. The paper aims towards the performance of UPFC is compared with alternative FACTS devices like Static Synchronous Series Compensator (SSSC), Thyristor Controlled Series electrical device (TCSC), and Static volt-ampere Compensator (SVC) severally. The simulation results demonstrate the effectiveness of the UPFC on transient stability of the system.

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