Once Upon A Brand : Crafting Connections through Storytelling in Modern Marketing

Publication Date : 27/05/2024

Author(s) :

Sukriti Verma.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 10
Issue 5
(05 - 2024)

Abstract :

The power of “Once upon a time” is as powerful as ever in the field of marketing. By weaving creative and compelling narratives that resonate with the audience on a relatable level, brands can build lasting relationships with their consumers. In a world filled with millions of advertisements, the immemorial art of storytelling emerges as a light of authenticity and connection. This research paper dives into the transformative role of storytelling in modern marketing and crafting valuable connections. The primary purpose of this research is to analyze the mechanisms through which storytelling enhances brand perception and loyalty. This paper aims to uncover the elements that make brand stories compelling and the impact these stories have on consumer behavior. Additionally, this research paper seeks to provide various insights for marketers on integrating storytelling into their strategies effectively. The findings of this paper reveal that storytelling in marketing significantly boosts brand engagement and loyalty as well as does its part in crafting connections between the sellers and the buyers. Personalization, video storytelling, interactive features and user-generated content are storytelling techniques that drive sales and increase customer engagement.

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