Design and Development of Earth Tube Heat Exchangers

Publication Date : 15/05/2024

Author(s) :

Vashitva Guleri, Vikram Rampurkar, Kiran Sonawane, Sujit Patil Pro. Vaibhav V Khond .

Volume/Issue :
Volume 10
Issue 5
(05 - 2024)

Abstract :

Abstract - Now a days we all apprehensive of the increasing price of electricity. So, everyone is moving towards sustainable living. In this case, Earth Tube Heat Exchanger is the suitable choice for the HVAC installation. In domestic structures large quantum of the electricity needed for heating and cooling purpose. To reduce the burden on the active system we've moved e've moved towards a renewable source of e energy. Earth Tube Heat Exchanger works. on the basic sasic principles of a heat transfer and uses geothermal energy as a source of energy. This design presents the results of theoretical computation and computer simulations (analysis) of Earth Tube Heat Exchanger. By this system, we can achieve full and partial HVAC installations in the living area. Analysis of the system is done by using Ansys CFD analysis.

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