Solar air purifier

Publication Date : 21/05/2022

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Volume/Issue :
Volume 10
Issue 4
(05 - 2022)

Abstract :

Thisresearchpaperisaboutdesigningandfabricating an air purifier system which is powered by solarenergyandtestingtheeffectivenessofthesystemtocurbtheairpollution. The focus is on extracting the suspended particulatematter from the air which are the major contributors in thepollutionofairinmanyurbancities.Itworksonanon-conventional method and intents to achieve best possible airpurificationresultsusingeco-friendlyandeconomicalmethod.Itworksonthebasicprincipleofadhesionofthesuspended particlesintheairwiththeliquidandsettlesdownduetobeingheavier than air and gets separated from the air helping us toachieve better air quality index. The fans and the pump in systemare operated with the help of solar energy, produced by solarpanels,whichconvertsthesolarradiations intoelectricity.

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