Publication Date : 07/06/2022

Author(s) :


Volume/Issue :
Volume 10
Issue 4
(06 - 2022)

Abstract :

Women all over the world are facing and even subjected to unethical physical harassment. Security for women is still a major issue as the number of crimes and harassment over women and girls is increasing day-by-day. In this age of technology, mobile phone is one of the gadgets that almost everyone like and uses to keep in touch with family and friends. All they need is a device that can be carried everywhere easily. This proposed project deals with a quick responding, cost protection system for an individual and especially for women using which a woman in anguish can call for help just with the bending her fingers on the smart gadget. Self-Défense module for women safety is like a Smart Glove for women safety. It has the ability to help women with technologies that are embedded into a device. It is specially designed for women safety and protection. It has a Flex sensor that will be used by women to inform nearby police when they are in distress.

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