Real time ECG monitoring circuit and discharging circuit.

Publication Date : 02/06/2023

Author(s) :

Shalaka Bose,Payal Pagere,Omkar sangpal ,Shridhar Subramaniam .

Volume/Issue :
Volume 10
Issue 4
(06 - 2023)

Abstract :

Real-time electrocardiogram (ECG) monitoring plays a vital role in the diagnosis and management of cardiovascular diseases. This abstract presents a novel design for an ECG monitoring and discharging circuit that enables continuous monitoring of a patient's heart activity and provides a safe and efficient mechanism for electrical discharge, if necessary. The proposed circuit consists of three main components: ECG sensing, signal processing, and discharge control. The ECG sensing module incorporates high-precision electrodes to capture the electrical signals generated by the heart. These signals are then amplified, filtered, and digitized by the signal processing module to extract relevant information and eliminate noise interference. The discharge control module is designed to assess the patient's condition based on the ECG data and trigger an electrical discharge, if required. This module includes a comprehensive algorithm that analyses the ECG waveform and detects critical events, such as arrhythmias or abnormal heart rhythms. Upon detection, the circuit initiates a controlled discharge process to restore normal cardiac function.

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