‘‘Power Generation Using Vertical Axis Wind Turbine on Highways’’

Publication Date : 02/06/2022

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Volume/Issue :
Volume 10
Issue 4
(06 - 2022)

Abstract :

Recent era, research and development activities in the field of renewable energy, especially wind and solar, have been considerably increased, due to the worldwide energy crisis and high global emission. The horizontal axis wind turbine cannot be used for household purpose. So, Savonius vertical axis wind turbine can be better option as it operate in low wind condition also. The choice for this model is to showcase its efficiency in varying wind conditions as compared to the traditional horizontal axis wind turbine and contribute to its steady growing popularity for the purpose of mass utilization in the near future as a reliable source of power generation. Firstly a research took place on the existing bibliography, so every member of the team would be up to date about the so far theoretical and technological development of this kind of wind turbine. After this briefing the team was at the position to exclude some geometrical designs and conclude to the most efficient. Thereafter, based on our means and tools we performed a research for the final decision of the kind of Savonius wind turbine we would manufacture. Later on, we divided the tasks that had to be done into categories and distributed them to the team members depending on their individual skills and knowledge to achieve the best possible result. These tasks included the analysis of the materials’ durability, what mechanical elements were needed, various software simulation tests and the electrical installment of the wind turbine.

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